Startup movie not playing

I’m trying to get a basic intro startup video (similar to just the ue4 logo video) to play but having some issues. Using the standard setup Project Folder > Content > Movies and “Wait for Movies to complete” I can get the movie to play on a new project scene so the video format is correct and I’m guessing something else is stopping it playing and going straight to the game but not sure what/where to look.

I’m using a player with gamemode kit from the asset store and thought maybe that could be the cause? but is there a specific setting in those blueprints I should look at? or could it be something else?.

Any help appreciated,just out of ideas where to look.

I am having the same problem, did you ever figure this out?

I ended up having to migrate all my level to a new project. I believe something in my content folder was blocking the movie starting (I had a lot of assets,demo levels and blueprints) was never able to narrow down what stopped it playing though.