Starting Point Question - Not Quite a Game


im new to Unreal, i have done some XR Projects in Unty before but for some current Projects i wnt to try Unreal and learn something. I would like to create some Kind of Companion App for a Game, placed on a mobile device, probably a good Tablet. I want to create some Nice Buttons which are klickable. The Thing that drives me around and makes me unshure is what game tpe to choose. Later i would like to use the Device gyro to manipulate the Button shadows and make a little parallax effect.

my Idea was to Crete my interface with 3D Models, Materials and place the Camera on top and move it using the gyro. Good idea or is there something better?

This is incredibly vague I’m afraid.

If you’re wondering which game type to choose in the project creation menu, just pick first person.

It’s ok to just choose something, because during your deveopment of this project, you will probably start more than once.

Also, just dive in, have a go :slight_smile: