Starting out, is UE a good choice for 2d andbox style game?


Ok this might come across as a very basic question but I needed to ask it.

I’ve been doing some research to try make the right choice of game engine for my first game but cannot make a 100% decision but UE looked the best.

I want to eventually make a 2D platformer, sandbox styled game similar to Terreria that I can release cross platform on Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile releases are a bonus but not essential.

Releasing on Steam also probably at some far flung time in the future.

My background is web dev and mobile dev (Android, iOS with native and Xamarin) and understand the fundamentals of C++ also although I work using Objective C, C# and Java mostly.

So with all this in mind, and I realise I am posting on the UE forum, and hence the answers might be biased but in comparison to other engines out there (e.g. Cocos-2D-x, Unity, Marmalade, XNA etc) would UE be a good choice to move forward with ?

Many thanks