Starting In On BPs and in need of Help

Howdy All;
I am just learning how blue Prints work and such. I’m going through some tutorials and they seem to be not explaining why I put certain functions in BP objects rather than the main gameplay BP . I was wondering if anyone knows of any good tutorials for toootal newbs for Blue Prints and the general flow and structure of them. Why some things go one place and why others go elsewhere. Here is one I already went through
and here is one I am doing

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


Here is a useful playlist of Blueprint tutorials by Epic:

Also, regarding your question, you might also want to look into some basic object oriented programming theory to understand classes and such. I don’t mean learning to code, just to get a basic idea about “why you do this here, and why you do that there”

I agree with kontur regarding the tutorials provided by epic, its one of the best when learning the fundamentals of blueprints,
but i would advice you to also try to do extremly small projects (Where you train doing various tasks in blueprints) to get the hang of the logic and languange

This one was i think one of my first tutorials (After epics summary of how the BP system works ofcourse)
different parts with different implementation to get you a jumpstart, altough you have to read between the lines to try understand what you’re doing and why you are doing it

“Virtus Education” is also a great source for different tutorials on various topics regarding UE4, you probably should check out this playlist from them too:

Hope this helps you in your journey

Thank you so very very much. Sorry for the slow response. I did totally use your advice so thank you very much.

Also thank you so very much. Not limiting myself to the video tuts has helped very very much, but also the ones oyu linked helped bunches too. Thanks again.

What really helped me along was learning some C# code, I was originally going to learn that and use Unity, and after taking this course I had a much better grasp of what does what and why.
C# course