Starting C++ head first: Reference material annd suggestions

As you can see from my siggy, I’m building a submarine simulator using DotCam’s Community Ocean & Weather plugin as a base. Currently there is a test build with a great buoyancy system that works great, but it requires C++ modification to make a variable be set for each array element versus the current setup which has the variable set the entire array at once. After that I will need to set it up so that the array can be held in a struct. I’ll keep the techical details out of this post unless you guys want them.

Any suggestions for C++ reference material and tutorials for jumping in head first other than Programming with C++ | Unreal Engine Documentation ?

Keep in mind I can code fairly well in C# (Unity Refugee before Unity 5 and Unreal 4.6.1 were released) but I’m fairly new to C++, I’ve only finished the 5th chapter (loops) in Bjarn Stumstroup’s ‘Principles & Practices Using C++’ book so I’ve only built simple console applications like a calculator using the standard library. The unreal API is totally new to me. FWhateverClass means nothing to me atm.

I’m basically digging into the projects source and seeing if I can get it to do what I want and anything that might help me gain an upperhand would be great, because I dont intend to continue coding I’m enjoying blueprint.

Thank you.