Starting a new Rpg game as a side project, good idea or bad ?

Hello friends, i am totally alone here i need some opinions please.
i am currently working on a RPG game, and i wrote the game document, and i have the idea clear in my head, as an art student i can take care of a lot of the artistic work with the help of my friends for free,i was thinking that if i do an art book for this game to attach with the game document, and reach a prototype that will be a show reel for the game i will have a prototype of a game in my cv, and i can take it a step further with crowd funding or getting a studio to help me with it in a way
i am a sculpting major graduate and now i am studying cinema, i simply can’t afford studding game design, but i know i want to be in the gaming industry in the future. so i basically spend half of the day studying for school and the other working on the game.
what do you guys think about this plan, is it worth the time investment, or i can use my time in a different approach to get in gaming professionally…
thank you !

The best way to get a job at a studio is to have a good portfolio for the job position they are looking for. It can be a game project like you’re wanting to do but remember that as a beginner it’s going to take a while to build your portfolio so whatever project you do needs to be something that you can reasonably accomplish.
If your goal is to get into the game industry then consider whether spending more time in school is worthwhile since a cinema degree won’t help with gaming. If you are good at sculpting then you can probably get into digital sculpting pretty easily so consider something like being a character artist. There’s lots of free learning material available and even doing some paid workshops would be cheaper overall compared to going to college.