Start From What ?

Hello… I was a common person that like game more then my dog. ( I don’t have dog )
I’m a beginner on game development. I dare to said I know nothing about game making.
I don’t even about programing.

So I want to know what lesson that need to learn. I’m will be thankfull if you tell me what step that I need to take.
Of course , I don’t means that you teach me. But just give me direction will enough. I’m willing to learning what ever is that :smiley:
sorry for my bad English…

What game type do you like the most out of:

FPS Shooters / RPG / Spacesims / Other?

Download engine and start checking youtube tutorials, start with official and then what you want.

In this internet age, you can learn almost anything from home on computer. Its up to you how motivated you are.

When i started with game dev, i knew absolute 0 about it. Today after 2 years i know some programming (blueprint pro but c++ beginner), i also learned and made 3d models, textures and now im doing animations. Im satysfied with my results. Learning ~3 hrs/day.

Only dont expect that you can make game like COD or overwatch or another AAA titles. Even for small indie game you will need to spend some years to release something and for AAA titles participation 5+ years… ofc it depends on how many hours per day you spent for gamedev… with my 3 hrs/day, i hope one day i will finish my game, but now i know it would take me another 3-8 years to finish it.

I will love to make a game with RPG element on it.

I see… thanks for the info.
I will do what you told.

I just hope you can finish you game faster then what do you think :smiley:

If you follow this series of tutorials / sample project it will help speed your development…

Its real commitment. Find something else to do if you’re not going to invest serious time…

thanks… it look like more Specific lead. :slight_smile:

After download and open real engine program. now I know it need a serious effort to make a game.