Starship interior lighting

Hello everyone!

I am making a starship interior for my college project and I decided to use dynamic lighting. I have “force no precomputed lighting” checked because
I don’t need the maps to be playable as I am using UE4 just to make 2 minutes animation.
I made all the textures in Substance painter and imported them via Substance plugin but all my metal materials look black and lighting is poor.
I know that I’m probably doing a lot of things wrong, and I tried to find answers on this forum but nothing seems to be quite my problem.

Would someone be kind and give me some guidlines how to make this look better?

P.S. here is a short animation of the map:

The reason the metal looks black is if there’s no reflection probes. Without reflection probes it can only use screen space reflection which can only reflect surfaces that are visible so surfaces facing the camera won’t reflect anything.
Also, if you still want to use real-time lighting I would look at possibly using Nvidia VXGI, it takes a bit of work to set up but allows you to do realtime GI lighting and if you’re rendering animations it will be very quick to use and gives you better lighting than the standard dynamic lighting.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:
I will try your suggestion.

I put only one box reflection capture as I thought it would be enough. I have seen many tutorials where there are just one or two sphere reflection captures, that’s what confused me. I will definately try to set up Nvidia VXGI, my deadline is still far away, so I’ll have plenty of time to set it up.

Reflection probes can’t capture dynamic lighting. So I guess they are only capturing emissive material.

I was able to set up Nvidia VXGI yesterday. Now everything looks way better, but metals are still darker that I made them in Substance Painter, but I’m happy the way everything looks now. Can someone explain me how do I control the GI inside editor ?