Starer Questions

Hi All

I am relatively new to the both Unreal and Game development, so yes its going to be another one of them newbie posts to begin with. I have been developing web applications and websites for years so I have a bit of experience when it comes to programming simple logic, aesthetics for usability and generally some good practices for separating logic and abstraction etc. however I have a few starter questions that after spending hours on the internet doing research no one really has the definitive way of structuring the content folder. I have come to the conclusion of a few ways of doing it and wanted some feedback from the community.

So in short this is how I started:

  • Architecture
    – Buildings
    – Landscapes
  • Audio
    – Ambient
    – Music
    – Sound
  • Blueprints
    – Chat
    – GameModes
    – WorldObjects
  • Entity
    – Avatar
    – NPC
  • Maps
    – Menu
    – {MapNameA}
    – {MapNameB} etc.
  • Materials
    – Layers
  • Meshes
    – Animations
    — Blends
    – Physics
    – SkeletalMesh
    – Skeltons
    – StaticMesh
  • Particles
  • Textures
    – Entity
    – Landscapes
    – UserInterface
  • UserInterface
    – GameMenu
    – HUD
  • Video

Now my question is this is very abstracted for the assets as items would appear in multiple folders across the structure - the question is should the assets be contained with all assoicated elements in the same folder eg:

  • AssetName
    – Textures
    – Animations
    – Particles
    – Physics
    – SkeletalMesh
    – Skeltons
    – StaticMesh

Then have a common folder where shared assets would go across the board? The reason is for example I have two assets that share the same model and animations but might have different skins because one is on one map which it has its own blueprint determining its size, and another asset called something else that appears on another map that is not only a different size has additional textures to make it seem different? Or do I stick to the first way?

Whats your experience in folder structure for the content? Let me know your thoughts and opinions.

Cheers in advance.

PS. Is there a forum for new game dev’s to share dumb questions like these without flooding the general forum?