Standalone halfs the speed of my physics driven airplane


I’ve made this physically driven (or flown) airplane with just blueprints that works perfectly in the editor.
As i’ve tried to export it, in order to have a standalone version of my game, a weird behaviour occurred:

  • my airplane has an approximate max speed of 200mph in the editor but only 80-90mph in the standalone.
  • the acceleration that my controller inputs should add to the airplane doesn’t match the one i have in the editor but looks like less than half of what i’ve made.
  • i have no framerate drops, everything’s fine running at solid 120fps
  • my airplane feels way heavier than it should be.

i’m pretty sure that i’m doing something wrong somewhere because i’m a 3d artist and not a programmer,
i can’t find any details on forums etc so please, if you have an idea on what’s causing this, i’d apreciate some help :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!

I assume you move things in tick event and if you got this kind of difference it is mostlikly because you didn’t scale the change values by delta time.

Tick is triggered every frame, so all calucaltions oyu doing are executed on every frame, but this makes code frame depended if you have game that normally run on 60FPS and suddenly your game runs 30FPS for some reason the rate of changes happening in tick will go half as tick will be triggered half of the time.

Thats why on tick event you got delta time parameter (all delta secounds), this is estimated time between frames and you need to scale the change you doing in you calculation byt that delta time like this

x = x + (delta * DeltaTime)

normaly without DeltaTime x would add delta on every frame, but if you do this insted delta will represent “change in secound” because you scale it to time that passed between the frames which counts in secouds (xChange * 1 = xChange). Thsi way you code is time dependent not frame dependent everything will move as much time passes not as much as frame are rendered.

Thats my while guess because what you describe is most common symptom of this, you need to explain how you actually move things in your project if it’s something else.

Thanks for your answer dude!

all i have in my scene is this controllable pawn (i believe) that i’m moving around adding physics linear velocity to it when i press a button on my controller. I made it with just blueprints.
Do i have to set the “actor Tick” interval to 1 instead of 0 that’s given by default?

No, you can leave the interval as is, and it should tick with every frame. You just need to factor in the time between frames, because it will be different depending on the power and therefore the framerate of the device it is running on.