Standalone game compiling level shaders mid-testing?

I was sitting down on another UE5 session today and everything was good until I decided to test my game in standalone. I noticed that already in the main menu there was a debug text on the top left that said that the game was compiling 4000+ shaders even despite my editor already doing that before.

Now I wonder - is the same thing going to happen in the packaged game (I will load into the map and everything will be textureless), and more importantly, is there any way to prevent the game from sending me to the level that it’s compiling the shaders for until it’s done with the job, or am I just stupid and the shaders will simply compile at the splash screen when loading the game, just like every game and the editor itself do it?

I’m actually alright at the process of game development itself, but if there’s a bug or I have to dig anywhere into the editor itself, I’m hopeless.

Which is why I’m asking this forum.

Any answers or suggestions would be appreciated!

For some bizarre reason, this


is not actually shipping packaging.

You need to configure and use the launcher here


and package from there. Here’s something about using the launcher

If you can open the console, it’s not shipping.