Stand, Crouch, Prone buttons to play 3 different blend spaces


I have created 3 blendspaces that handle Standing (idle walk run), Crouching, (idle, crouch walk, crouch run), and Prone (idle to crawl fast).

I want to simply tell the character to get into one of those three blendspaces via 3 different keyboard inputs (c-stand, x-crouch, z-prone). I’m not interested in toggling crouch to stand with one button for example. I just want to press the input for the stance and the character will adopt that blendspace. So if I am in Standing blendspace and I want to crouch, I press (X) to go into Crouching blendspace. If I want to go back to the Standing blendspace, I must press (C) and not (X) again.

I have it almost figured out but it continues to give me a toggle behavior. I just want the input to happen once and the only way there can be change is if I press another input to make a change.

Another problem is that it doesn’t always allow me to do that. Some combination of keys, for example, wont let me go from prone bs, to crouch bs, but I can eventually get there by hitting different combinations. I am sure this is a simple solutions, but it’s driving mad. I learned a lot trying to solve this one problem, but it still exists haha.

Here are some screenshots: