Stage 11 quick start guide problem

I need help with stage 11. I dont know how to connect the AI CON Ref to the Condition Boolean. I also need help on connecting the return vector to the end vector.

The node between the AI Con Ref is a “Not Equal” node to find this node right click on the graph and type in the = sign it will be just below the selected option. As for connecting the return vector to the end vector i’m not quite sure where your referencing. The nodes prior to the end vector on the multi line trace are a addition(vector), get actor location, and get controlled pawn when read right to left. those can be found easiest by working from your ai con ref and dragging off its pin. If you don’t drag off the pin of the previous you wont see the nodes your looking for due to context sensitivity. As for the other line trace node, the node preceding it is a get actor location which can again be found by dragging off of the node preceding that.

If I didn’t answer the right question or theres more to it let me know and I will see what i can do to help.

I love you. THANK YOU!