Stabilizing FPS Head tracking help needed for Horse Riding

Hello Smart People,

I’m looking to build a first person VR experience where the player rides a horse. Would someone help me figure out how to move the VR camera along with the rider’s head, but not track to every up and down motion, YET, still stay with the horse so if the horse and rider follow a road that changes in elevation, the VR camera is still tracking to the overall progress?

I assume it’s adding some sort of delay to the root tracking object that dampens the up and down motion of every horse stride, maybe setting some limits with adjustable time variables, while tracking the XY position more closely.

Attached are the basic animations (there will be turning animations as well, but these show the differences in how much the rider’s head moves in the vertical direction depending on the gait.) The horse rearing anim will be triggered when a player gets to the riding boundary.

Thanks everyone…I’m new to blueprints so I don’t know all the different nodes I would need for this.