SSD Drives - Build time

Does anybody have comparison on how SSD drive improves UE4 (full) build* time ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

*full build -> C++ compilation of all UE4 sources

i have a 250GB sandisk ssd. I must say it takes around 5 to 7 seconds to build any small scene such as the example levels. So SSD is i guess vital for production :D. Dont have comparisons but its pretty obvious

Both building the source code and building lightmaps depend on processing power, not disk speed.

Your hard drive has no relevance with your build speed. I have SSD drives and standard, and it makes no difference what drive I’m loading assets from. It’s all governed by your CPU!

Sorry guys, I forgot to mention that I’m considering C++ compilation time of all engine sources. I’m going to perform some tests… until that I have to collect hardware.