Squencer Question

Hi, all

I have been playing with sequencer the last 3 days and sometimes my Crane looks like it been squased and its not the scale btw.
Also when you want to setup DOF is this per SHOT? Or is this for all the shots-sequences. I´m using MasterSequence with 5
shots. Also when you do UNDO strange things happens. Another question if you have edit SHOT and trim right you are making the
shot shorter. What happens if you go back to the Master do you still need to adjust things in the main time line, because the shot
is shorter? When I dragg holding down SHIFT as this is shortcut it places a Crane and CinCam this is true, but when I rotate
the CraneRIG the Camera isn’t attached!!

Also when you have created a MasterSeq…with 5 shots… can you also adjust things such as delete the CinCam or CraneRig and
start things over? Because I have adjusted my Shot, but when I jump back to the MasterSeq it doesn’t update. It more resets it
self to something complete different :frowning: