SQLITE problem with SQLite3UE4 plugin

Hi I’m using SQLite3UE4 plugin :

and I have a strange problem with SQLITE queries if they are more complex (longer). In addition, if the column name has more than 10 characters, for example, query SELECT colum10characters FROM table ORDER BY column10characters ASC does not work.
If I change column10characters name to column query SELECT column FROM table ORDER BY ASC column works correctly.
Alias ​​do not help.
I need to use longer SELECT queries on SQLite composed of AND OR etc, and even if the column names 1 character after a certain length do not work properly and the project hangs. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening ?? Thanks!

Ps. Sorry for my english …

Can someone help?

I have embedded sqlite3.h with sqlite.c in my own plugin and I don’t see this kind of problem;
But I make SQL strings in C++ directly instead of using Blueprint nodes…
Did you try to contact plugin author?

Yes, I sent an email but I did not receive an answer.
I used blueprints and query in string. If I changed the names of the tables in short it worked ok, but everything had to be embedded in one table, and this solution for a short time.