Sprite translucency

Hey everyone.

Is is possible to set the a whole sprites translucency?
I know that you can do it when you have placed the sprite in the map under “Rendering” “Translucency Sort Priority”, but i dont want to do it everytime i place the same sprite around the map.

  • Bart

There is a way to change the material type to be translucent but I can’t remember it fully. I think if you select your sprite in the viewport and then within the material settings change it to translucent somewhere. This will save it for every time you add it to the scene then (that particular sprite)

Just want to let people know that i have solved this problem, if anyone else is running into this question.

In “project settings” under “Rendering” You have “Translucency” Sort it by Axis and change the values under it, then it will auto fix this problem. It worked perfect for me.