Sprite above pawns heads

Not sure if this should go in Rendering or C++ gameplay. Had to pick one :slight_smile:

I’m digging through the code trying to figure out how to display a fixed size sprite above all the player heads.
By fixed size I mean it won’t scale as the players get close or move away.
The purpose is just to easily see where every player is, even if far away (as in: while zooming out in debug camera), although preferably it should be occluded by any other level geometry, like the pawns.

Someone pointing me to this thread:
But I’d say that will display over anything in the level?

I’m an experienced C++ programmer, so I just need someone to point me to the right direction :slight_smile:

you can do this with a material in combination with a particle system and scale it up based on the distance to the camera. this might very possibly lead to problems with culling unless you increase the bounds to absurd sizes though…
should you not have gotten any further by tuesday i could set something up.

Thanks divi.
I tried using UBillboardComponent, but couldn’t get it showing while playing. Seems to only show up while in the Editor.
Someone in the team mentioned something similar that we are already doing for health bars with the use of AHUD::DrawHUD, so I’ll take a look at that. Lets see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Turns rendered as part of the HUD is enough for what our artist wants.
I just iterate through all the relevant pawn objects, and draw a tile above their head.