SpringArm lag behaves incorrectly when in ChildActor

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create two blueprints from Actor, name them Parent and Child.
  • Add a SpringArm component to child, and under that a staticmesh or visible arrow.
  • Enable SpringArm camera lag and set it to 0.001
  • Enable “Draw Debug Lag Markers”
  • Add “Child” as a Child Actor in Parent.
  • Add a projectile component in Parent and give it some speed
  • Place Parent in world

Expected Outcome:

The mesh or arrow attached to the springarm in the attached childactor should lag behind the Parent actor when it moves. This happens correctly if the springarm is placed directly on the Parent actor.

What really happens:

The mesh or arrow moves with the Parent actor without lag, but the “Draw Debug Lag Markers” line lags behind the way it should.

Hey Acriax,

SpringArm Lag only affects the camera itself, not the entire actor. What you’re expecting to see would not happen because it will only lag the camera.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Have a great day

Hi! I that’s actually not accurate. It says “camera lag”, and it was probably only intended as such, but it does apply translation and rotation lag on all its child components.

It’s possible that I’m misunderstanding your issue, but the Enable Camera Lag option states that “if enabled, camera lags behind target position to smooth its movement”.

Also, based on what I’ve seen with my tests it seems to be working as I’d expect. If you’re seeing different results, could you provide a brief video that shows your setup and what you’re seeing?