Spring arm for 3D Side Scroller?!

I’m running into some problems with the Camera going behind the wall of my side scroller. I have a spring arm combined with the camera, and I intend the camera to follow the Character’s rotation, making it easier to make around corners but still maintain the Side Scroller style. However, the rotation of the character is linked to the camera, and the camera goes behind the wall. The spring arm still goes through it, and I would like it to stay on the character.

I have some possible solutions that I haven’t tried yet, but maybe you guys can figure something out before I do.
What I haven’t tried yet:

#1 Triggers, and a second camera, to doesn’t move based on character rotation, that would be implemented near any large walls, or areas where I need to keep that side scroller feel.
#2 Changing the character rotation to go backwards (currently I have it set so that Q, and E are turn left and turn right, there is no going ‘back’, which would flip the characters direction, without changing the camera.

I haven’t tried these because I’m sure it’ll be a head ache, so if you think I’m on to something, maybe a suggestion of how to set it up, especially the second one, as I think that is my fix. SpringArm_Problem001.jpg

Thank you for reading, and to all who submit possible fixes to this problem.

I’ve removed the ‘inherit yaw’ which has allowed me turn the character independent from the camera. However, I cannot rotate the camera at this point, and the level in the deep z axis is only limited to the one perspective.