Sploty / Grainy Lumen Issue

Hi everyone
I rendered an animation in Unreal 5.1 with the Lumen Render, but the quality of the image and
surfaces (windows and carpaint) is very pixelated or grainy ). I’ve attached two sample image excerpts.

I’m grateful for any tip.

Thank you very much

Without any more information, this could be a lot of things. Can you provide more details on how you “rendered an animation” and how you set up the scene?

The following information about the scene:
The glass of the panes comes from the Marketplace (Advanced Glass Shader).

The Scene has some Megascan assets and is all rendered with the Movie Render Queue ( lumen and not Path Tracing ).

Attached is a screenshot of my render settings.

What I have already tried is to set the Translucency Pass of the glass shader to before DOF, which unfortunately did not help much.

However, the grain got a little better with the new Console Variables, but not 100% satisfactory.