Splitscreen Characters

Any reason why you can’t just change the mesh after you spawned them? You can also expose some variables on spawn and call a function that make the mesh changes on spawn.

So I got split screen set up with the blueprint of Create Player with Splitscreen setup.How do I use a different Skeletal Mesh or Material for the second player? So like, where the 2 players have 2 different designs instead of being the same mesh.

I tried the Set Skeletal Mesh function and setting the mesh to a different one but i didnt see it changing anything in the game when the second player spawns, theyre still the same mesh as the first player

Can you attach some code?

Nvm, it was add skeletal component not set, how do i go about make the mesh change for the second controller?

Really, I don’t know where you spawn your second controller, but why can’t you just change it after spawn in code?

How do i do that tho