Split Screen replication


I’ve got a situation very similar to Unfortunately there hasn’t been many answers there.

Basically, while in a split screen mode, I would like to replicate everything for each player. Each player will have their own set of objects and stuff to interact with, and any changes made in player A’s world should not affect anything in player B’s world.

I’ve played around a bit with the first-person template and it seems that when launching the game in multiplayer mode, the objects in the world aren’t shared among all the players, and each player has their own local set of objects. This is exactly what I want. (The players seem to be able to hit each other, but that’s another problem for another time).

My question now is: does anyone know how this can be done in split screen mode? If not, does anyone know where in the engine source code is this object duplication done for multiplayer? I want to try to tweak the code to make this work in split screen mode.