Spline with Multiple Components (meshes)

Hi guys.

Im trying to make a simple follow path system but is so hard in UE4 ufff in maya can be done easy and fast.

I have a mesh who can follow a spline and i can control the duration of the animation with a timeline, now i need to duplicate the mesh a lot of times (instancing?) and randomly control some parameters. Position, rotation, speed, etc… maybe can i make a spline with different scale in each point and tell the meshes they need to follow it but not in the center? i mean, following it in a random position inside the scale of the spline? with random velocity and random initial position?

Is a simple concept for working with particles but i cant do it in UE4.
Particles can spawn meshes and follow a spline?

I saw a lot of tutorials for splines, but i can find the answer.
Help please!