Spline Problem!!!!

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a ribbon that runs through my level that tells the player where to go, I’m using the following BP from Dokipens tutorial on splines:

Whenever I try to extend the spline using the default Spacing and tangent settings from the tutorial it messes up badly and looks deformed, having changed the Spacing to 300 and Tangent scale to 1.0 it looks almost normal (but seems to be missing a section of the mesh:

But it now wont extend, what am I doing wrong?

If I select “manual attachment” in the “Add Spline Mesh Component” function in the BP the mesh disappears in the editor?

I’m using the Shape_Pipe mesh which has a size of 30x100x30, what size do I need to set the tangent scale and spacing to for this mesh?

I’d really appreciate some help guys.

The spacing is so that your pipe won’t stretch, just nicely tile, one pipe mesh per “spacing” value. If your pipe has a length of 100, you can set spacing to 100 or any multiple of 100.

If you choose “manual attachment”, the mesh disappears because you’re not providing the bp with anything to attach it to.

There are other spline blueprint tutorials, which are even more complex and fix most of the problems with tangents and up vectors. But they are more complex than dokipens…

But how do I get it to extend the way I need it to?

It ends up deforming on trying to extend it by dragging out the white spline handle, it even deforms when I duplicate it, as you can see in the following image (left original spline, right duplication):

Thsi is a really good spline tutorial :slight_smile:

…and you can downlaod the project from the launcher learning tab :smiley:

Thanks Kvogler!