Spline Point Transform Adjustments

I’m trying to add functionality to my spline to adjust roll/scale like seen in the live training here: However, in the live training everything seems to be working nicely because the spline meshes correspond to the spline points. In my situation, I have a varying number of meshes in between spline points and they are placed based on mesh width/spline length, rather than cycling through the number of spline points. How would I be able to, for example, increase the height at spline point 0 and have a smooth transition through the meshes going all the way to spline point 1?

You can get get scale at distance along spline. You do have to use a spline mesh component to set its’ start/end location, tangent, scale. To get the scale at said location, get the spline point start location, add the distance between the mesh *Loop index to x, then get scale at location x.

I’m still not really understanding the logic needed for this. I tried using the total length of the meshes (distance at that iteration) to drive the start/end of the scale and roll but I was getting some strange results. Maybe posting the blueprint would help to better understand the setup I have for creating the static mesh components on the spline.