Spline Mesh collisions not right


I’m using a spline mesh to create wind tunnels where my character is able to fly, when my character enters the spline i set a boolean “IsInWind” to true and when he exits i set it to false, using a OnComponentBeginOverlap event on my character blueprint, but there’s a big difference between what i can see, and the actual hitbox of the splinemesh, resulting in places where my character can’t fly even if he’s in the wind…

i searched a little and this is the problem: this is what i can see ingame

and this is what shows when I set the “player collision” view mode

as you can see, unreal seems to use just a basic cylinder with no “intermediate vertex” for the colliders, instead of using the cylinder mesh i use in the SplineMesh component.

How do i get my colliders to match what the SplineMesh actually looks like? (no counting the strange material that makes the cylinder go crazy on the edges like in the first picture)

Thanks a lot for your time!