Spline editor

The spline editor workflow is not optimal, placing splines and putting textures on is not working so it seems.
Splines should be rewritten to make a better workflow in which it does not cost so much time…
At this moment… its an confusing element in the engine, they dissapear after you place them, textures wont stay on them and to drag something in the details you need to create meshes.
This is to much work if you simply want to drag a road, which should actually be faster then making a tree in speedtree, which is not the case atm.

Splines should be something you can modify to whatever you want, drag in raw textures on them… and paint the spline in anyway you want.
Also the spline should have a better fit onto the landscape, many times the splines are hovering above the landscape and is actually quite a issue to get them fit perfectly, even after deform them all.

For such a great engine, i really wished there was just a simple way to drag simple roads, as of now its to much work for a road that is mostly a repeating texture and thus you only need 1 asset.

And when i put on a free mesh like a road, and flip the X and Y axis… the editor just crashed…
Also there is no collision on the splines… i used the SM_path from the mountain project… but the char just sinks into it, on both the segments and control points collision is ticked.

What you need most is spline decals.…-spline-decals

Yeah… but there is no spline decals?..
I am building castles and forests faster then some simple roads. lol.

Come on EPIC… this is getting ridiculous…

Any answer?