Spline decals path navigator on runtime.

Hello community.

I’m trying to create a navigation system, and want to make a navigation path using a spline in runtime, somethink like racing games does, but i can’t figure how to approach it or if it’s possible to make it in BPs.
I have a point cloud and paths generated with Houdini Engine, and want to use them as control points for the spline. The setup of Houdini Engine creates a center point on the intersection and various points for the road end / corner start, so, for example, in a 4 roads intersection i get the central point and 4 points indicating where the road and the intersection overlaps. I use it for the road generation, and i want to use the same points for the spline generation in runtime. Another concern is how to delete small portions of the spline for the already traveled path, without deleting large chunks or segmets, something like a subdivision of the path. All of this have to be calculated in runtime, procedurally, like a GPS.
Any tip will be appreciated.