Spline Component - Roots - a lot of roots

Hi guys,
I am pretty new to the Unreal Engine and Blueprints in general, so I hope you can help me with my (big) problem.

I spent now two days for a solution for my problem, but sadly I cant find any, so I decided to ask you and it’s quite a lot to do here.
For my current project I need to place a lot of roots into the entire level and for this I want to use the spline component. I followed several tutorials, but no one really took care of adding multiple meshes to a spline.

Please take a look on my current Blueprint.
I followed a tutorial by DokipenTech.

As you can see it isnt very flexible, because you have to change variables to get the right interpolation between Spline Points and so on, but it was the best I could get so far. Well, there are other tutorials with simpler solutions, but this one was the one with the best explanation. Anyway - the I want to achieve the following points:

  1. Multiple meshes on a single spline.
  2. The ‘main’ mesh is fix (in this case the root itself), but the other meshes are distributed over the whole length of the spline - randomly. Some flowers here and some leaves there.
  3. Performance - there are a lot of them. Really - a lot. I used the ‘Add Mesh Spline Component’ but I read several times a ‘Add Instanced Static Mesh Component’ would be a lot better here.
  4. Thickness of the roots. A way to manipulate the thickness of the mesh at certain points.
  5. At the end the roots are getting narrower and narrower.

I know this is a lot to ask for, but maybe this is a super easy blueprint to do.

Thanks for your help and have a great day!

Best regards,