Spider physics

Hi guys,

I wonder if there is something similar to legacy property called PHYS_spider, which had allowed you to walk on walls. Or if there is some other way to stick to the wall. I’m trying to walking on a surface of sphere.

Same here, but i try to run in a Mesh Loop controll on a Speed (also if speed XXX he can run the the full circel)

double post sry

Unfortunately there isn’t such an option.

By default the gravity is on z axis. So even if you try to fake the movement, everything will mess up.

The only option you have is changing gravity axis of the engine by editing the source code. At least that’s what I have seen from others doing it. What I have read before was that, the gravity axis was locked and needed to be exposed for opening before trying anything. The question “How?” is not something I can answer I am afraid, but maybe others. So good luck. :slight_smile: