Spherical reflection for off-screen dynamic actors?

Hi, I need to have invisible player model (this is FPP, not TPP) reflect in various reflective objects, both static and movable. While it is fairly easy (though costly) to achieve planar reflections on flat surfaces using Planar Reflection actor, I have hard time getting good looking reflections on curved geometry, like spheres (think christmas ornaments etc.).

I’d appreciate any hints on how to achieve this, thanks in advance!


Using simple Sphere Reflection captures should do it. Make sure to have the scale correct for the reflection capture

So you need to have dynamic player reflections from scene. This can’t be done with SRR or with static reflection captures. With some minor engine modifications you could have single dynamic movable sphere reflection that only renders player character. Then reflection shader use that capture if there is something rendered in that pixel and if not it would use static captures.