SphereOverlapActors not working for init objects

Hi everyone, I was hoping you guys could help me out with an issue I’m having where my SphereOverlapActors function isn’t picking up certain objects.
I’m calling the SphereOverlapActors on an array of different items as a way of polling the items near it. So I put the sphere in the center of an object I want in my grid and it should return the 4 adjacent items touching it. Then repeat this process for each item in the grid and they all know their “neighbors”

That’s the goal. However when I call this function, nothing is getting returned. So according to the blueprint (linked below), for each item in the array, I should be seeing the “New LocalVar0” array getting filled with 4 items each time. When I print the array, nothing comes up.

I have confirmed that each “neighbor” does have the “Room” object type from the Physics panel. When I set it to Pawns, I do get a single return from the one room which has a pawn in it. So I know that the code is working as it should except for finding these “Room” objects.

Here’s where it gets weird. When I drag a cube into the scene and give it the “Room” object type from the Physics panel, it shows up as expected. This is seen in the image below. So my issue becomes, “why does SphereOverlapActors work for some objects and not others?” Important note: The “neighbors” I’m checking in the SphereOverlapActors function are technically in another level(s). However these levels are streamed to one that this blueprint is in. My guess is the issue may lie with that? Any help anyone can give would be fantastic. Thank you