Sphere trace not recognizing character

I’m trying to send a sphere trace to a character (ElephantTest) to send an event dispatcher “Intimidate” to the ai controller (ElephantTest_AI). I can get the trace to recognize ElephantTest in game, however the message Intimidate from event dispatcher does not seem to go to ElephantTest_ai. Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated!

Is the ray casting working?

Yes the ray cast does work. Even tried a different sphere trace which works on other actors, but does not want to work with the elephant_test

I have done some extensive testing on the event dispatcher and ray cast and they both do definitely work. Where do I send the event to the ElephantTest or ElephantTest_ai (ai controller)?

I can send an event to the ElephantTest blueprint and it receives it normally, but do not receive the event when the player character to sends the message to the ai controller. Am I missing something to link the ElephantTest character and the ai controller?