Sphere reflection capture in project is flickering as i move the camera around

Version 4.26, already have TemporalAA on. Original problem was sphere reflection captures were producing a white circle on the ground. Googled it and people were saying to make one sphere reflection capture actor larger then the map so now it’s 40000 in radius. The other smaller sphere reflection captures are flickering as well.

Also when I build lighting and save the project, it still says lighting needs rebuilding when I open the project/map again even though I changed nothing. What is this issue?

Try a cube capture instead.
And yes the circle is painful.

The more the object is reflective the more you see the abrupt falloff.

There’s also a hard limit to how many Reflections captures you can have around (Or loaded at the same time).

Re the other issue.
Could be anything. Particularly if you are generating geometry at runtime or via bluetility script.
You could try cleaning up your folder directories and recompiling all shaders / baking again.