Sphere Collision Not Working For Specific Actor

So I have a sphere mesh which I’ve attached to several different actors and am using to test collision, let’s say the actors are

A Bullet
A Enemy
A Wall
The Player

Each one of them has the same sphere component attached to the root component, and they all have overlap events working. All of them overlap eachother except for specifically the Player and The Wall. The Player overlaps the bullet and the enemy, and the bullet and the enemy overlap the wall, but the Player does not overlap the wall.
This makes literally zero sense and is honestly driving me nuts.

Does anyone have any advice as to what could cause this issue? I’d give more information but honestly I am out of ideas for what the cause of this could be. The collision properties seem to be set up properly, as they are all using the same exact mesh to generate overlap events, I can’t understand why this one exclusive pair is not working.

Thanks for your help.

So I figured it out, and it was truly ridiculous. Despite already having collision properties set in the mesh settings, for some reason I had to specify via c++ the following:

I truly don’t understand this, but there it is for anyone else facing a similar problem.