Speedtree SRT File Import

So I have my speedtree .SRT files from my previous UDK3. I go to import them in and it defiantly recognizes them because it pulls up a menu just for importing in speedtree’s with a host of options. I have tried each and every option in a multitude of differences in settings to see if one would work or not, nadda. I have checked the Wiki - Forum - Documentation page and no joy yet on an import process.

Does anyone know how to get them in and working? Is it possible the settings on the speedtree exporter have to be different for the compile?
Any help much appreciated.

The old Speedtree modeler included with the UDK isn’t compatible with what is implemented in UE4, you can’t import those files.

Here’s more information: SpeedTree integration - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanks Mate has anyone tried the ST6 SDK and got it working?
Or is there perhaps an ETA/Deadline for this feature?

I would figure being that UE4 is a Subscription based model that items like this would be addressed rather quickly…

Well it’s not like Epic owns Speed Tree so it is really up to IDV to get this in there. Who knows what companies will do now with UE4 having a store. In the end you will probably have to buy Speed Tree from IDV and then get the trees and plants in some kind of package.

I’m not aware of anyone who has tried it, but you can get a free evaluation version from IDV and try it.

I think that a bundled Speedtree modeler is on a “When it’s done, it’s done” timeline right now.