SpeedTree Grass and Meshes

hey guys,
Can someone tell me if it is possible to import meshes into speedtree like lets say a stone or two balks etc… to build “make” grass exactly around this meshes? When yes, how big can a mesh be? stone… Balk… maybe even a house ?

I don’t think you can import meshes like that into Speedtree. In any case, it’s not necessary, you can place rock meshes into UE4 using the foliage tool.

The rock was just an example… lets say i have a big house and i like to have the grass coming out from a few gaps around the house… thats why asked if i can load assests into the speedtree tool/app to create or edit grass around my house/ mesh they way it didn’t collide with the walls or other parts of the house/mesh…

That’s not what Speedtree does. You can place grass with the foliage mesh and if you need to get it in a very exact position you can also create it as a static mesh.

Actually, SpeedTree is used for everything foliage related such as growing vines and roots. Of course, if you want to make correct growing vines, you’d need a reference shape. Speedtree can use custom meshes as shapes for forces that allow this behavior. Take a look at this:

That’s not what I’m talking about, placing grass around a building is not what speedtree is for. You can create the grass, but you have to place it within UE4

Well seems to me that is what the foliage tool is for. drop you mesh into the paint editor and draw your grass right on the object in question

I get what you mean but you can actually do that in speedtree is what I mean. In cases where you want your grass, tree, root, etc to very precisely contour or follow a wall, crack or shape, importing a custom mesh into speedtree is a good workflow.

For his specific case, it might or might not be a good idea to use the built in system in speedtree but still, we should let him know the option is in there for him to use.

Short answer: yes!

There is an example that ships with the modeler.

ok, very very cool but how the heck can i import and place my created speedtree grass in UE4 ? i mean using the vegation paint tool wont wotk casue i need the exact created shapes i created in the speedtree aplication?

You need to export it as .fbx. I’m not familiar with SpeedTree though, so I can’t tell you exactly how, but it shouldn’t be too complicated I assume. Why do you think the foliage-tool doesn’t work? You import your mesh and then use the foliage-tool to place the exact same object you imported.

I’m not sure but i thought the foliage tool cant’t place my “created/modified” speedree grass the way it lines up perfectly with my assets in the scene… isn’t it working like a kind of random placement ?
I was also looking for some good documentation but for some reason there is not much online… i aked the same question in the speedtree forum… but my thread didn’t showed up so far…

Well, you can tweak the “brush” of the foliage-tool, so that it is very precise. And you can move and rotate the placed instances as well afterwards.

ok sounds good, but there i still a big “?” on how to import the right way and how to setup everything correctly i tutorial would be really good but i guess i have to try it simply…