SpeedTree for UE4 Tree/Plant Discounts Through October 31

Discounts on New Trees, Scary Trees, and a new offering, Tree Packs**

Go to our UE4 online store for the following savings (all in US Dollars) through Halloween (October 31):

New Trees
Seven new trees and plants have been added to our store in recent weeks, and all of them are on sale at one-third off the regular price:

African Baobab
American Sycamore
Chinese Banyan
European White Birch
Western Sword Fern

Tree Packs
These one-click collections give you multiple species at one resolution level, at prices well below what you’ll pay for our standard three-resolution models.

Tree Packages. Nine trees, at least three models per tree, both broadleaf and conifer, from various continents, terrain types, and season:

Desktop Trees Package: $119 (regularly $159)
Mobile Trees Package: $99 (regularly $129)

Ground Cover Packages. Grasses, weeds, ferns and more, a total of 9 species, with plenty of variation:

Desktop Ground Cover Package: $79 (regularly $99)
Mobile Ground Cover Package: $79 (regularly $99)

Scary Trees

Haunted SpeedTree: $10.31 (regularly $29)
Stumps: $10.31 (regularly $21)
Mushrooms: $10.31 (regularly $19)
Alien Tentacles: $6.66 (regularly $10)

sweet i was actually in need of trees for a forest map. perfect timing :smiley:

The SpeedTree for UE4 Sale ends tonight at midnight, everyone! Tree packs, new trees and scary trees all return to regular prices on Nov. 1!