SpeedTree billboards are not visible after cooked project

after cook my project, SpeedTree billboards are no longer visible in game. It looks like material broken. It is default SpeedTree sample model (Broadleaf).

Anyone could help me?

Hi ,

I’ve just tested this with 4.4.1 using the Broadleaf asset from SpeedTree and have not had any issues. Can you verify that the material is rendering in the viewport before cooking your build? Also, are you changing any settings that would cause this to happen. My setup is using all default settings. With the foliage I just painted a few around the level.

Thank you!

Also make sure that all your assets are in the content folder -> the same thing was happening in UDK when you had some external assets (dont know if that is even possible in the UE4, but check it :))

It’s probably bug! I moved this tree to another folder and it works! (?!?!?!)