SpeedTree Billboard LOD wackiness

Hi there! I’ve searched all over and even emailed Speedtree but I can’t find anything regarding this so I’m hoping someone in here can save my from tree madness. The issue is almost every tree I create and import to a project has bad billboards (for the LOD). It looks a bit as if the UV’s are out of sync but there’s no setting for adjusting that. I’ve experimented like crazy trying to nail down hte cause but I’m stumped. Anyone else seeing this type of thing? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

It’s definitely the UVs not matching up with the billboard. It usually looks like that if I change some settings in the compiler and reimport the texture before reimporting the models or vice versa. Are you using the compiler at all?

Are you referring to a Speedtree compiler or the UE4 compiler? I usually don’t use the UE4 one, just Visual Studio for new code builds. Should I be compiling my project inside the editor before I import the trees?

The Speedtree compiler, sorry. Compile the trees using it and then reimport both the models and the textures.