Speed Variable seems to be causing child classes to get stuck in idle mode. Need help

Good day

I have used the 3rd person template Survival game written in C++ as the base of my little project.

I have followed many tutorials and tried so many fixes that didn’t work that I am literally at the point of giving up and starting over…Again.

The problem is that when ever I create a child class of an AI character (from UE4_Mannequin), I can’t seem to get the new mesh moving.

I have tried everything.
The New Animation_BP is setup correctly as the character is moving and animated in persona.
The Blendspace I created is a Blendspace 1D. Setup exactly the same as the UE4 Parent
The new AI Character is setup to use the Parent AI Blueprint.

I have literally copied and checked everything.

I have succeeded in getting the New AI Character to…

…Move to the actor

… use the sound of the Parent Blueprint,

…The Physics as there is impact when I shoot it

…Damage Blueprint also being used as the character is damaging me if I step in his damage zone.

…The Animation blueprint is being used as the AI Character is in the Idle Animation but this is where it gets strange

When I preview the game I can kill and get killed by the character but it animates into the Attack Montage or Blendspace

After struggling for weeks on this I am ready to ask for help for the first time in my life.
I have read and tried all suggestions on the net.

What I think is happening is that the Speed Variable is somehow not communicating with the Parent Blueprint.
Speed Variable seems to be causing child classes to get stuck in idle mode and not triggering the Montage or Blendspace to be used.

I am a total Noob and only been dabbling in UE4 for a month now.
Please tell me what you need to be able to assist me.

Be gentle and please for the Love of Epic, HELP ME

Thanks in advance

Update: I managed to get the Run animation (Blendspace1D) going by picking the controller from the dropdown in the EXEC is Valid Node.

How do I go about telling the character to perform the Montage I set up for attacking?

Pulling from The Event On Collision and playing the montage doesn’t do anything?