Speed up the project creation process?

(Update 7/28/16 Time: 5:47)
Ok, it seems like everything is super slow! When I save it takes forever to save. If I open up a window it takes a long time to open! What is the deal with this?! I don’t have these kind of issues with my other software.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or improve the performance?

(Original 7/28/16 Time: 5:20)
Hello everyone!

I am new here! I just created my first project in Unreal and I ran into something really weird. So when I created my project everything was loading up and generating, but when it got to the compiling C++ Code it got stuck on 12% for about 3 min and then it jumped to 50% and stayed there for a little and then went to 75% and then finished. I have a really good computer with a lot of ram and a good processor. Why did that take so long? Is there a way to speed that up? Or do I just have to deal with it when making a new project?

Thank you!

Can you post your specs etc of your pc

Windows 10 Pro
HP Z620 Workstation
Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHZ
Quadro K4000 Graphics Card

Compiling can take a very long time even on fancy hardware, it’s a very CPU-intensive process. It also doesn’t benefit really at all from multi-threading, so your Xeon is actually going to compile slower than a regular consumer grade i7 with better single threaded performance. Your system sounds like a 3d art workstation, you’re probably running on a pretty big platter drive right? At least a terabyte. With physical drives the bigger they are the slower they’ll be in general, to speed up loading times I’d recommend putting in a second smaller SSD to keep your OS and programs on, that should not only give you a considerable speed up in opening Unreal but better system performance all across the board.