Speed Tree v7 Integrated into Main

I knew the developers of UE4 and Speed tree were up to something!

Anyway it was commited to the latest source :O, I’m guessing there hasnt been a feature freeze yet (but im guessing there will be soon) for 4.2.

Dev to confirm speedtree makes it to 4.2?

Goodjob guys and I love the direction epic is taking UE4

Hopefully, Speed tree has a more indie friendly/education(my particular case) friendly license.

Link is 404

must be logged in/subscribed to the engine?

link is working fine. and yes, u must be subscriber, ofc!

Nah it isn’t, you need to sign in to see it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re signed in if you’re not a subscriber, though.

I was able to see it clear as day :wink:

If you’re not a subscriber, then you should subscribe or go away!!

Before I taunt you a second time!

Your ****** was a draw call and your father smelt of gpu particles!

Stop snooping my changelists =)

The Speedtree 7 integration won’t be in 4.2, which has already branched from main. It has LOD disabled so not fully useful yet. By the time 4.3 comes around I expect it will have gotten solid testing and worked some issues out.

The Speedtree 7 modeler is pretty awesome for anyone making foliage.