Speed Tree Issues


I have Speed Tree Cinema edition and have issues importing animation. Searched on forums and in one of them, speed tree person cited that if I dont have ue4 subscription its impossible to make anything for ue4. Is that true?
I mean can I have my grass animated inside ue4 from speed tree, via FBX import. When I import my grass with wind inside 3ds max, its perfect, I have Editable Mesh and point cache on top as modifier, but inside ue4 it doesnt seem to dance. Even adding wind doesnt solve problem. Why adding wind at all when I have Open World Demo collection, and grass inside it is functional and wind animated, and works just by dragging into scene without any force applied.
When I try to import FBX wind animation obtained in Speed Tree Cinema editiin, into ue4, I dont get “Animation” import options for that FBX in ue4. What am I missing, and is there any way to make functional animated grass with FBX workflow, without SRT format.

Moreover, I have scaling problems inside ue4. When I import whatever from speed tree inside 3ds max, converting feet to meters inside SpeedTree, and improting into 3ds max works perfect, and measures are right, and thats not the case for ue4. So, I have always to resave the mesh in 3ds max in order to confirm that scale, cuz trying to import into ue4 same thing, results in small mesh inside ue4.

P.S. I have additional problems with landscape. When I delete landscape form my scene, it crashes the software (yes, i tried removing layers, folder with painting assets, even material from landscape, and then deleting, still crashes, just for that particular level)

And, what is called this setup as this guy does on 0:09 of the video Speed Level Design - Winter Bridge - Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube. He doesnt have any planes beneath that represent that rock, I see in outliner there is no entry or geometry like that. So. it must be that landscape material setup that does the thing, I tried height blending but it doesnt seem to work the same way