Specify ENUM from editor (instance editable)

What I currently have: a system with Quest parent class and it’s children. Each child quest actor that is being dragged into the level can be assigned different “objectives” actors with the help of dropdown menu. A few enums with the list of possible QuestProgressionStates that is planned to be unique to each Npc. After quest is completed it fires an event that changes the global QuestProgressionState to the selected from the Enum ( I select needed state from the editor in the “Details” section)

What I want to do: to make it so that I can specify in the editor (is it called instance editable?) which QuestProgressionState Enum I should to take values from. Seems like there is no option to set enum as a pickable variable that I can manipulate from the editor

Maybe I am doing something wrong and something that is not supposed to be used the way I want it to use. Will be glad for any help, tips and advices. Thanks! :pray:

I am probably missing the point here, but I have an enum


and I can make it instance editable:


Is it something else?

Yeah. I wanted to be able to edit enum type (or structure?). For example I want to say for 1st instance to use “Npc_1_Enum”, and for 2nd instance to use “Npc_2_Enum”. Those are 2 different enums with different values inside of them

Ah, don’t think so. That would be changing variable type.