Spawning Volumes: Fieldrunners 2

So I am trying to create a spawning volume that is similar to Fieldrunners 2. Using a Spawn volume much like the one the Twin Stick Shooter, I want them to spawn on one side of the map and rush to the other straight across, with out converging on one point, but doing so in a random pattern. I don’t want to have to use a million or so spawn points. Right now the funnel to one location, no matter what I do.



Use some of those:

Create some random vector.

Then add that relative random location to starting location.


Thank you for your help and the link. I appreciate the help and guidance. I have tried some of these over the last week, mainly regarding the vector ones. I am unable to get them to work at the current moment, but that could be my fault in not implementing them properly. I am currently looking into going with a behavior tree to make them detect 10 spawn points, determine which one is close to the AI, and move to that location. I don’t know if this will be heavy on the system, but I wont know till I try. I will try an post an update later this week if I am able to make it work.