Spawning Too Many Projectiles at Once

I’m working on implementing a couple different weapons into my project, they are staffs that can shoot fire like projectiles. Right now if I put the code in the character blueprint it works better but I want to have different projectiles for different weapons. When I put a similar code into the weapon blueprint it shoots out like 20 at once and they kind of just get stuck to the weapon.

I’ve tried looking it up and I just cannot find anything, I’m stuck. Is there something I can do to make this work properly?

well you’re spawning projectiles via TICK event.

Tick event executes every frame. So if you are running at 60FPS, that’s 60 frames a second. So 60 projectiles a second as long as Is Attacking? is true.

Don’t spawn anything on TICK.

So I ended up adding a delay and that seems to work better, but it doesn’t spawn at all when I don’t spawn on TICK.