Spawning Player after the Game Starts

Hi all,

I have created a procedural level generation system utilizing C++ backend and a blueprint spawning system for the objects in the world. In 4.18, I could call SetActorTransform on my GetPlayerPawn(0) and it would move the character to the offset I have set in the level generation system successfully. This was great until 4.18 decided it would break my blueprint to C++ linkage each time I restarted the editor - this was apparently fixed in 4.20 and I can now spawn my level with no issues anymore and restarting doesn’t break the backend.

Instead, my current player pawn continues to fall in a random location (its not even spawning at the PlayerStart pin I have dropped in my level) and calling the same blueprint functions above have no affect on the player.

I try to spawn the player character class manually in that location and it fails to spawn at all.

What am I missing? I can post more detail if required.

And it looks like it was nothing to do with my section of code, but another developers code in our team which moved the character to the random location - apparently part of the save system which is inside the actual character controller.

I’ve spent the entire day trying to work this out and it finally clicked when I found that the player spawned in a different place on the test level than usual. Just a wasted day… sigh.